Getting your home professionally insulated

Nowadays having your home professionally insulated with a product that is suitable for your climatic region is very important. Electricity prices around the world are at an all time high at the moment and homeowners need to think of ways to keep their homes cool in summer and warm in winter without using heating and cooling devices on full blast. Get hold of expert aerolite installers to get a price on having your home insulated with a good insulation product.

What thickness should you have installed?

This will depend on your countries climate. Hotter and cold climates will need a much thicker layer or layers of insulation. Compared to climates that dont get too hot or cold. you can check with your local insulation installer as to what thickness you should be installing to run an energy efficient household.

Which insulation product should you use?

This depends on the homeowner. There are a few different insulation products to choose from and they all achieve the same basic goal of keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Some insulation products are fibreglass based like think pink aerolite and others are newspaper based which contain quite a few chemicals to make it fire retardent. The safest insulation product would be a polyester that boasts no fibreglass or chemicals in the product. This also makes it easier for the average person to install as a diy project.

Why use expert insulation installers

It is far better to get expert insulation installers to come over and do a proper site inspection. They will then be able to quote you on a few different products and tell you exactly what you need in order to run an energy efficient home. Insulation is no longer a luxury and is compulsory for all homes nowadays.